Tots Mine Point Reward Program –
First year 2023.

What is Tots Mine Rewards Program ?

Tots Mine Points program is free rewards program that can let you earn points on all your purchases and redeem those points for rewards

How do I earn Tots Points ?

You can earn T.M Points on every purchase / Transaction you do; For every 1 Dhs you spend you earn 1 Point . but also there is additional ways where you can earn more points without even purchase! As explained end of the article. 

Where will my points be recorded/ added ?

You must create an account to be able to record, add the points to your account – Without account you will not be able to enjoy the great benefits of our rewards program. 

How can I redeem my point?

You can redeem your point when you do purchase.

Can I collect points before purchasing?

Yes absolutely, Creating an account itself will give you points as gift from us and there is also other ways to add points before even you do even your first purchase, All mentioned in “Earn points before purchase!”

Is there any limit of the transaction to redeem my point?

Yes, To be able to redeem your points the minimum transaction value must be 500 Dhs .

Do points expired?

Yes, but only after you reach the threshold of 1000 points then the validity of the points will be 3 months only , you can enjoy redeeming it within 3 months of reaching the threshold .

Can I create account, add my kids details, refer a friend, sign up for SMS, subscribe in Instagram etc and earn all these points before I do my 1st Order? Then redeem it all at in the first order together ?

Yes, absolutely you can . But remember that you need to reach 1000 points before being able to redeem your points.

How to earn *points :

How to earn Points Action Transcation Value Rewards Points Equal to Dhs
On Purchase Any Transcations Value Example : 1,000 Example : 1,000 50

*Points Value explained below. 

Redemption mechanism:

Tots Mine Rewarding Points Program (First Year 2023)
Earning / Available in account Rewarding Redemption
Every 1 Dhs spend get 1 Point 100 Dhs = 100 Points Every 20 Points Equal 1 Dhs
Example 1 1,000 Dhs 1,000 Points 50 Dhs
Example 2 765 Dhs 765 Points 38 Dhs
Example 3 3,680 Dhs 3,680 Points 184 Dhs