We are Tots Mine Jewellery, the only kids jewellery brand in the world that represents the value of the jewellery while inspiring our kids with exciting experiences... and this is our story!

The begining

Once upon a time we were two individuals with a passion for creativity and expertise in many sectors including jewelry trading, designing… Well, it doesn’t matter now! SO, we fell in love, got married and had the most adorable kids, and here is where the easy part of our story ends, and a new chapter  began when we started doing the most important and amazing yet difficult job in the world, YES! You guess it right, it’s being MOM & DAD.

The idea of Tots Mine was born when we wanted to gift our beloved ones Jewelry that expresses the emotion of love and care, we wanted to give them special pieces to create the best memories with them, to gift them a meaning that lasts forever! “Eureka! Let’s make something remarkable” we thought.

The journey

During the last three years the idea was being cooked, Years of experience, Love mixed with passion, care, gratitude, dream and commitment were all mixed together to create a new brand, new identity, new step up, that meant to be different at all good aspects by creating unique, inspiring & meaningful connection with our little ones through our special jewelry designs and customized gifts!

We’re finally rolling up our sleeves to plant roots in the country we -and many people from all over the world- call home …. United Arab Emirates. Hello UAE! We created a unique kids Jewelry brand: Tots Mine Jewelry!

What makes us special?

Tots Mine unique jewelry pieces  made with the most precious gemstones, and with our characters, stories and gifts, we made it so special to match the uniqueness of every child. We focus on representing the values, ethics, love & respect. We teach kids love of nature, humanity and care for animals. And above all, kids’ happiness is always our priority.

Now you’re probably wondering from where Tots Mine characters came from?! Our characters are inspired from real kids in our life, except for zumurrod, our special character! 

By following us, you’ll enjoy getting to know each of them and what they represent.

Tots Mine jewellery will create memorable endless love, care, joy & happiness while strengthening our bonds with our little ones today and building up for stronger connection tomorrow.

Our values

These are our values that make us what we are as a company

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