This is zumorrod , her name means emerald in Arabic language, and that’s the gemstone she represents. Zumorrod is our very special character.

Why is that? Because she’s the only character that is not inspired by real kids and she have an important role in totmine family.

Zumorrod is in a secret mission right now, you’ll know her story when she come back with a great message and lesson to your kids and of course a special collection from Totsmine.

Zummurod’s special collection

wait for zumorrod’s story and special collection, till then your girl will be super happy having her watch to be on of the first member of this special character team

Who is

well, we guess you need to wait for zummurod to come back from her mission and she will tell you and your kids who is she!
keep following us ! 

Zummurod Collection

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and we will let you know when she come back
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